4 Major Problem Comes in Android Phones & Their Solutions

No matter how expensive the Smartphone is, but users have to face some problems in it. But there is no need to go to the service center for every problem. 

Today we are going to tell you about 4 major problem comes in Android phones and their simplest solutions, which is very important to know for all the users using Android phones.

New Smartphones have been knocking in the tech industry. These include smartphones ranging from entry level to premium range flagship phones. 

No matter how expensive the smartphone is, after some time some problem arises in it. But every time you have to take the phone to the service center, it is not necessary. Because you can solve some problems coming in Android phones yourself at home.

1. Phone Heating

The most common problem comes in Android phones is heating. Users often complain of the phone getting hot during gaming or video streaming. If the phone is getting a bit hot then it can be normalized with the help of some tips. But overheating is really a big problem, for which you have to go to the service center.

Problem Comes in Android Phones

Solution :

If your phone is getting heated up during phone calling, messaging and chatting, then this is a software problem. 

For this, first update the software of your phone. Apart from this, this problem is more common in older phones. Which is due to the internal memory being full or cache memory being high. It is important to delete such data from your phone which is not necessary. Restart once after clearing the phone’s cache memory, your problem will be largely eliminated.

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2. Battery Drains Faster

The new smartphone offers great performance in terms of battery. But after some time, the problem of rapid battery consumption comes to the fore. If the phone has become very old, then the problem of battery consumption is not a big deal. But if your phone is one year old and its battery is running out soon, then there can be many reasons. 

In such a situation, with the help of some tips, you can find out the exact reason of battery consumption.


Solution :

The problem of battery consumption can be due to OS or software updates. Smartphone companies periodically introduce new updates for their users so that some problems can be resolved. In such a situation, do not forget to update your phone. 

If you are experiencing this problem even after the update Check which app is spending the most battery in your phone. It is better to uninstall such an app. Restart the phone once after uninstalling the app. 

Apart from this, you can get rid of this problem by closing the phone’s background apps and reducing the brightness.

3. Apps Not Downloading/Installing

Android phone users often complain that the app is not being downloaded to their phones. In such a situation, you do not have to worry, for this you can follow some simple tips, which will resolve your problem.


Solution :

Make sure to update the phone first. Because many problems are resolved after the update. Apart from this, do not forget to update the Play Store as well. If the problem remains the same after the update, please clear the cache from the Play Store. 

Apart from this, you have to click on the app manager given in the settings of the phone. Where the option of clear cache will be found. After this, the problem will be resolved to a large extent.

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4. Camera Crashing

This is also a very common problem encountered in Android phones and because of this, users have a lot of trouble during photography. After turning on the camera of the phone, the camera crashes as soon as you press to click the photo. 

To fix this you have to go to the service center. But you can easily get rid of this problem by sitting at home.

solve Camera Crashing in mobile phone

Solution :

To fix any problem, first update the phone. Because if any OS or camera app update has come, that phone will fix your problem with it. But if the update has not come, then by going to the phone’s settings, you have to click on the cache clear at the bottom of the camera option in the app manager. After that you have to force stop the camera app. After force stop, the app has to be disabled after being disabled for 5 seconds.

Important Note :

You can find some changes in the name or features of the apps in the settings of all Android phones. In this case, you will have to check the features carefully. Many times there are problems due to incorrect timing set in the phone, so do not forget to fix the timing in such cases.

So these are some of the major problem comes in Android phones of any brand. Using the above solution tips you can solve such problems easily.

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