5 Tricks To Avoid Cyber Fraud on WhatsApp Pay

5 Tricks To Avoid Cyber Fraud on WhatsApp Pay: WhatsApp has launched the digital payment service – WhatsApp Pay, a Unified Payments Interface (UPI) to expand its business in India. Like other digital platforms, cyber thugs can also attack this platform. In such a situation, you can avoid this problem with a little alertness.

WhatsApp is the most used messaging platform in the world. It has started a payment service for its consumers in India. But you have to be careful to use this facility; otherwise you can be a victim of cyber fraud. In this world of Internet, any thing that is accessible through internet can be hacked.

Now a days almost all the financial transactions are done through online mode such as internet banking, PhonePe, WhatsApp Pay, etc., because it saves time and also it is very easy. So if you are also using any online medium such as WhatsApp pay to send or receive money, then you have to be extra careful.

So here in this article, I’m going to explain 5 tricks to avoid cyber fraud on WhatsApp Pay. Using these tips and tricks, you can save your hard earned money.

WhatsApp Signed Agreement with NPCI

WhatsApp has signed a partnership agreement with National Payment Corporation of India for using this facility across India. With this agreement, it has launched digital payment service –WhatsApp Pay, a Unified Payments Interface (UPI) service in India. At present, there are 400 million users of WhatsApp in the country. WhatsApp’s plan is to connect about 2 crore people with this facility.

If you want to use WhatsApp’s UPI service and also want to avoid cyber fraud, then you have to take care of these five points.

These points are as follows: –


No Call or Message on Any Transaction From WhatsApp

WhatsApp do not make any call or send any message to any consumer related to payment and transactions. If someone calls himself a representative of WhatsApp for a transaction, then do not believe him at all. It can be a trap of cyber thugs to trap you. So be careful while receiving any such suspicious calls.

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WhatsApp Pay Has No Customer Service Center

If you face any problem during the transaction, then there will be no help from WhatsApp. No customer service center has been built in India on its behalf. In such a situation, you will have to contact your banks only. If an agency or a person deals with himself as a representative of WhatsApp, then do not get into his deception.

Cross Check Payment Before Pressing The Pay Button

If you get any request for payment from an unknown number, then do a thorough investigation about it before pressing the Pay button. If you hit the pay button without crosschecking, then money will be withdrawn from your bank account. So beware of misleading messages with such payment requests.


Do Not Share Your Confidential Information

Do not share your one time password (OTP) and UPI PIN number with anyone on WhatsApp. If you get any such calls or messages, then be immediately alert. Contact your bank and alert them immediately about this.

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Do Not Click on Any Unknown Link

Cyber thugs share many such breathtaking links on WhatsApp, which are believed to have won the prize of lakhs of rupees on simply clicking the link. Once clicked, your phone can be hacked and all the things in it can reach the cyber thugs. So do not click any suspicious link under any circumstances.

So these are some of the important step which you must follow to prevent yourself from the trap of cyber thugs. By this you can prevent your bank account from being hacked.

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