6 Ways To Make Your Facebook Account More Secure

Facebook is the most popular social media site. With over 2.7 billion monthly active users as of the second quarter of 2020, Facebook is the biggest social network worldwide. In the third quarter of 2012, the number of active Facebook users surpassed one billion, making it the first social network ever to do so. However, in recent times the user’s concern about data security has increased. They fear that their personal information shared on Facebook may not be misused and how can you make your Facebook account more secure.

Does this question also arise in your mind?

If yes, then do not panic.

Here we are going to explain you some most important tips, with the help of which you can make your Facebook Account more secure & safe.

Make Your Facebook Account More Secure

How to Protect Profile Pictureॽ

To make our Facebook profile look more different most of us put a profile picture for our identity on Facebook. The problem is that anyone can create a fake Facebook account using our name and even our actual profile picture.

To prevent this from happening, Facebook has added a new feature called ‘Profile Picture Guard‘.

  • Open your Facebook profile and click on the current profile picture (do not click on ‘update profile picture’).
  • When the profile picture opens, click on the options below the picture and select ‘Turn on profile picture guard’.
  • A blue shield will appear on your photo.

Now no one will be able to share or download it.

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Resume Account When Locked

 If Facebook feels that someone unfamiliar is trying to log in or hack your account, then it locks your account. The process of restarting your account is long and complicated.

But now Facebook allows you to choose up to five trusted friends. They can help you gain access to your account.

  • For this, first go to Settings.
  • Then click on security and log-in tab.
  • In it, click on ‘Choose Friends to Contact’.
  • In this, at least three people can be selected from the friend list.

When the account is locked, these friends can send verification code for verification through which your account can be accessed by you again.

Find Out in Which Device Your Facebook Has Been Logged In

If you are using Facebook in multiple devices or you have recently switched to a new device and want to remove the access of your Facebook Account from the old one, then you can do it simply by following the below steps. 

This helps to keep your account safe because no one else will be able to use your account using your old device.

Steps to be followed to check which device is used to log in into your Facebook account:

Step 1: Open your Facebook & go to Settings.

Step 2: Under Security and Log-in tab, Facebook shows the section named ‘Where are you logged-in‘. 

Step 3: This section lists all the devices (laptops, phones, tablets, etc.) from which you log-in to your Facebook account.

Step 4: Remove those devices that you do not recognize or that you no longer use. 

This will ensure that no one else is using your Facebook account.

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How To View All Your Sensitive Informationॽ

If you want to view all your Facebook information like access information, activity log, Off Facebook activity, Account ownership & control etc., then you can do it easily.

When you open your Facebook account settings, you will see a new menu item when you scroll down. It will be written on it – ‘Your Facebook Information’.

Facebook has consolidated access to all your information on a single page. You can see information about yourself by category (post, photo, comment, likes etc.).

You can also download them if you want.

How To Manage Your Facebook Data?

There is also a shortcut to ‘Manage your data’ in the Facebook Information page. When you use this feature, you need to choose whether you want to manage the data in Facebook or Instagram.

In the case of Facebook, you get special control over how Facebook uses any of your data. 

You can manage your location data. Can control contacts uploaded to Facebook. Face recognition settings, preferences and other features can also be changed.

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How To Control Third Party Log-Inॽ

Most websites and apps give you the option of logging in using your Facebook account instead of creating a new account. By the way, this has made things easier.

However, we often forget to cancel Facebook access to these third party apps and websites, especially when we stop using them.

If you want to cancel the access by the third party log in, then you should follow the below steps.

  • First go to Menu by clicking on the 3 lines in the Top Right corner.
  • Then go to Settings.
  • Go to Apps and Websites within Settings.
  • You will see a list of all the active apps and websites that have access to your Facebook account.
  • You can choose the apps you want to remove from the list.

So these are some of the tips following which you can make your Facebook Account more secure and keep its data safe. Most commonly people ignore these small small settings and hence they put their account in a more vulnerable situation.

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