What Made “Among Us” The Most Popular Game In The World?

A game called Among Us became very popular & went viral this year 2020. It became popular in India late, but in other countries like USA and UK, it was played a lot. According to a report Among US has become the most played game in the world.

According to Super Data, a market research firm under Neilsen, billions of people played Among Us only in 2020 and due to this it has become the most popular game by the time of monthly players.

According to the company, the number of monthly active users of Among Us in November was around 500 million. This is a multi-player game that was very much liked during lock down in this Corona Era. However, this game is not new, as it was launched in 2018.

United States of America has the highest number of people playing Among Us. Recently a list was released stating that this year’s number 1 game has been Free Fire.

Now the question is that if free fire number is 1, then what about Among Us?

How did Among Us become so much popular in such a short period of time of two years after its launched in 2018?

So big that it becomes most streamed game on Twitch and YouTube, and thus its developers cancelled the plan for its sequel to keep working and improving it.

The short and simple answer is Game Streamers and other factors like cost, hardware system requirements and cross play platforms.

Many celebrities also streamed the game live on social websites like YouTube, Twitch, Facebook etc. making the game even more popular. Since this game named Among Us is not only present in mobile, but it can be played on PC, Play Station or Nintendo Switch too.

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Now let’s talk what it is about the game itself that has made it so viral?

Cost: If you are going to play any game, then the first thing you will notice is that its price. Whether the game is free, cheaper or expensive? The interesting fact about Among Us is that it costs you only $5 on steam and its totally free on mobile.

Basic System Requirements: The interesting thing about this game is that the game hardly needs any latest and powerful hardware to run. It can run on a minimum of 1 GB of RAM, 250 MB of Hard drive space and a PC with Windows 7 OS.

Don’t Need To Be Gamer: One of the most complicated things about certain games is the game skill requirement. For new players, many games are difficult & require fast reflexes, movement and gaming sense to succeed. But this is not true in the case of Among Us. The game concept is very simple and easy, the user interface is very easy to understand & you don’t need any pro level of gaming skill to play this game.

Cross play: The best feature about this game is that it didn’t matter if your friends were playing on mobile or PC, you could play with them all. Among Us allows you to play with PC or mobile gamers simultaneously. This means you can easily connect with your friends.

among us game

Now if you have not heard of Among Us yet, then you must be wondering what this game is all about?

So let me explain in detail. Among Us is a multi player game and the theme of game is space. All players have to play one to two roles. Among us means between us. The theme of the game is that in the game, you have to find people around you who are doing wrong things, but are saying that they are right.

One of them becomes an imposter, that is, who is a pretender and does all the wrong things, but expresses himself neat and clean in front of everyone. The other is the crewmate. The job of a crewmate is to find the imposter and complete the task.

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So let’s start explaining in deep what exactly Among Us is all about.

Here 4 to 10 players take the role of Spaceship crew members and try to fix various technical problems inside the spaceship & try to stabilize it. However, among the innocent crew members one player is the alien imposter disguised as crew member. Imposter’s goal is to kill the crew member one by one and sabotages the ship’s system in order to set back repairs & most importantly do so without being caught.

Only the imposter has offensive capability- the rest of the crew members are helpless. But at any time, the crew members can call an emergency meeting with the crew members. When this happens, all the members communicate with each other and try to figure out who the imposter is? The players vote after every meeting & the one who gets the most votes is ejected out of the airlock from the spaceship into the space.

If the player selected actually was the imposter, then the crew wins. If it wasn’t, then they just killed an innocent crew member and the imposter succeeded in his plan.

After reading all this you must be thinking of giving a try to this game.

So now the question arises how and where to download this game for PC or mobile?

How to Download Among us?

Among us is currently available on mobile (Android and iOS) and Windows/ Mac PC via Steam. The game is also available on Google play and App store for Free.

If you are a PC user then you have to pay $4.99 to purchase this game via Steam.

To download this game you first need to Login into your Steam account and click on “Add to cart” to purchase the game. Then Click on “Purchase for Myself” & complete the transaction to install the game.

Once the installation is completed, the game will be added to your Library and you can enjoy the game with your mobile or PC friends.

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