Battlegrounds Mobile India Update Announced: New Weapons, Features & Much More

Battlegrounds Mobile India Update Announced: Battlegrounds Mobile India is going to release a pack of updates in this month of July which bring many new features and improvements in the game. Krafton, the developer of this game has shared some of the latest updates through their official Battlegrounds Mobile India YouTube channel, that will be going to rolled out soon. As per the video shared, it is clear the a new Airdrop gun called MG3 is added. Also there are many new features and vehicles will be added in the famous Erangel map.

The company announced that BGMI July 2021 Update v1.5.0 is scheduled to be released on 13th July, 2021 at 19:30 IST. Also the company said that these new updates may be distributed early or may be delayed depending upon the circumstances. However, if any how the update distribution is delayed, then it will be notified to the users.

So in this article I’m going to give you information related to Battlegrounds Mobile India July Update and the latest features, guns, vehicles and improvements that are added in BGMI.

1. New MG3 Gun

Talking about the first Battlegrounds Mobile India July Update, a whole new weapon is added in Battlegrounds Mobile India. This new gun is named as MG3 and it comes under the category of Light Machine Gun (LMG).

Battlegrounds Mobile India July Update

This MG3 LMG gun will only be found in Airdrops or supply crate. Previously M249 Machine gun comes with the airdrop but now it has been excluded from it and has been added to the Field drop in all the maps excluding Karakin map. Now M249 will be available everywhere on the map, just like normal weapons.

Battlegrounds Mobile India July Update

Just like M249 machine gun, this MG3 gun will have the capability to fire continuously and it will use 7.62 mm ammo. The magazine capacity of MG3 gun will be of 75 bullets with each reload, but the reload time is longer. Its fire rate will be in between 660 RPM to 990 RPM, which can be changed as per your requirement. Talking about scope, just like M249 gun, MG3 can be equipped with up to 6x scope and no other attachments can be used with this machine gun and no single shot firing mode is present in this gun.

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2. Throwing Healing Consumables

The second biggest update that has been rolled out is that now all the healing consumables will be throwable. That means now you can throw healings like First Aid Kit, Med Kit, Energy Drinks, Painkillers etc. to your teammates just like grenades and smokes.

This feature will be very helpful in situations where you can’t reach your teammates to provide them healing items. By this you can throw the healings near your team member so that they can use them.


3. New Tier & Ranking System

The next important update that has been added is related to the ranking system in Battlegrounds Mobile India. Now in between the Ace and Conqueror tier, two new tier has been introduced. These new tier will be known as Ace master and Ace Dominator. Also the logos of all the tier is going to changed soon as per Krafton.

Battlegrounds Mobile India July Update

Apart from this, a new challenge point system is going to be introduced in Battlegrounds Mobile India, where the players will lose ranking points, if they play the game recklessly. That means, this new challenge point system will allow you to earn points if you complete the full game without neglecting or attacking your own team members and without leaving the game mid way.

battlegrounds mobile india

4. Mission Ignition Mode

Battlegrounds Mobile India is going to release a new mode called Mission Ignition that will only be available in Erangel Map. This new mode will include six new high tech locations within the Erangel map.

mission ignition mode

These six high tech areas are:

  • Transit Center
  • Georgopol
  • Tech Center
  • Sosnovka Security Center
  • Logistics Agency
  • Energy Center
battlegrounds mobile india new update

While landing to the ground with parachute in the new Mission Ignition mode, the names of the cities and areas will be shown in 3D text, which will give you a realistic look.

You can also mark and pin your location on the map while flying, and as the pinned location is reached, your player will automatically jump out of the plane to reach the pinned area. This new feature is called Auto drop Feature.

mission ignition mode

Also a high tech levitational line for trans island travel across the map has been added. You can board on these HyperLine Train System to navigate to the station in the other location in the map . The train will run in predefined routes and on specific time.

HyperLine Train System BGMI

There will be semi trucks in the map which are autonomous driving vehicles that run on set routes and come with supplies. So if want to get good loots, then you have to attack these trucks, and if you are successful in destroying them will be able to get lots of good loot crates.

bgmi latest update

This new Ignition mode will have a new anti gravity motorcycle called G-38 which looks like a vehicle from the future. It can be run on land and even over water and has a seating capacity of two people.

anti gravity motorcycle G-38

Apart from this, there is another new gun added in this update in the new mission ignition mode. This new gun has been named as ASM Abakan. It will use 5.56 mm ammo that can fire up to 30 bullets in one reload. It has automatic firing mode, burst mode and single shot mode. Also scopes, canted sights, various attachments and magazines can be attached with this gun.

ASM Abakan in pubg

Also a special Patrol Dog has been introduced in this new update. This patrol dog can be found in the map by following the “puppy” icon in the minimap. When this dog is activated, it will mark some rare loots and high end items.

Patrol Dog in new update

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5. New Gameplay Settings

In this July 2021 update, the will allow players to enable 90 FPS in their devices, if the device supports. Also a new graphics option lower than smooth will be added in the graphic settings especially for low end devices.

BGMI 1.5 update july

Also in the new update, you can customize and set the sensitivity of each gun individually according to your choice. You can even save these sensitivity settings online and can share them with your friends.

battlegrounds mobile india july update

Now the players will be able to adjust their gyroscope sensitivity, the sensitivity of tilt camera control while firing, and can also reverse the up and down effect of the gyroscope.

pubg gyroscope

Apart from this, the issue of auto picking of the dropped scopes has been fixed. That means once you have discarded a scope when you don’t need it, then it will not be automatically picked up. For this, you have to go to Settings and enable “Do Not Auto Pickup Dropped Scopes“.

BGMI 1.5 update features and royale pass

There will be advance pick up options that will allow to pick up and set your favorite attachments for weapons. Once the attachment is picked up, it will automatically replace the previous attachment with the ones that you have marked as favorite attachment.

advance attachment option in bgmi

6. New Royale Pass Season & Rule

The new Royale Pass season is to start from 14th July, 2021, as the ongoing Season 19 Royale Pass Season is ended on 12th July, 2021.

Also the new Royale Pass Season duration cycle has been reduced from 8 Weeks to 4 Weeks. There will be two types of Royale Passes in this new RP season just like Season 19. These will be called as ‘Elite Royale Pass‘ which will cost you 600 UC and ‘Elite Plus Royale Pass‘, that will costs 1800 UC.

Royale Pass in BGMI

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7. Other New Improvements

There will be glass windows in some buildings and houses of Erangel and Miramar map which can be easily broken by fist or firing. This feature is already available in PUBG PC, which is mainly a PC game.

erangel and miramar map

Now the Clans which have collected similar activity points can compete with each other.

After winning a match, now the player will have the option to erect a Bronze statue symbolizing their victory over enemy. This new feature will be known as ‘Victory Statue’.

Victory statue in PUBG

Also in the new update, the auto pick up of items will be paused while using healing or consumables.

If the current weapon in use is runs out of ammo, then it will be automatically replaced by the next available weapon. This feature will be very useful while fighting with a whole squad.

An NPC mini ray TV has been added in v1.5 update, which notifies you about the message alerts and announcements in the lobby and thus helps to you to easily navigate to it. It will appear when you start the game and it is just like a emoticon that informs you about the various updates.

NPC-mini-tv inn bgmi update

So now it will be very interesting to see what other new features and improvements Krafton will release for BGMI along with v1.5.0 update. The game developers have already announced the inaugural BGMI tournament called “The Launch Party”, which is going to take place soon.

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