5 Best Gaming Mouse For PC Gamers in 2022

A good and best gaming mouse for PC is as important as any other peripheral device if you are a hardcore gamer and want to improve your gaming experience every bit. Because a professional gaming mouse can provide you additional keys and advanced sensors for precise aiming and control.



The Corsair M65 Pro RGB is a great gaming mouse & has a lot to offer, as long as you’re a palm-grip, right-handed, FPS gamer. It offers an insanely accurate sensor, plenty of customization options, and extremely solid build quality, and it’s even available in white.The Corsair M65 Pro boasts a new-and-improved 12,000 DPI sensor. There are also weights for fine-tuning the mouse’s centre of gravity as well as full 16.8m colour RGB backlighting across two zones.

Top Features :

  • Record high Optical sensor of 12000 DPI that can be custom tuned and has a tracking that is pixel precise and thus perfect for high focused FPS games
  • Tune the sensor to suit your hand eye coordination and movement with its superior surface calibration tuning.
  • Customize the Centre of gravity with the advanced weight tuning system. The three nuts at the bottom of the machine can be manipulated to shift the centre of gravity to suit your freedom of movement.
  • The material is built from high quality Aluminium that is aircraft-grade. It is light in weight, durable and has an optimal mass distribution.
  • Dedicated sniper button. Easily switch and tune in to desirable DPI in shooting mode instantly.
  • Custom RGB lighting that can be configured and programmed with double macros with Corsair’s proprietary iCue.
  • 8 easily ergonomically and customizable placed buttons that can be programmed to suit your gaming habits.
  • Each button is a high-capacity Omron switch that is rated for about 20,000,000 clicks for high reliability and performance.

2. Corsair CH-9301011-AP Gaming Harpoon RGB Gaming Mouse

Corsair CH-9301011-AP Gaming Harpoon RGB Gaming Mouse

The HARPOON RGB gaming mouse is built to perform, featuring a 6000 DPI optical gaming sensor with advanced tracking for precise control and lightweight, contoured design to support the quickest of movements. the Corsair Harpoon RGB has set the example for other entry-level gaming mice to look up to. It combines CUE-enabled RGB lighting, programmable buttons, DPI adjustment, and solid build quality into an affordable package that will be very attractive to gamers of all levels.

Top Features :

  • Highly accurate optical sensor with 6000 DPI advanced tracking that covers every pixel you reach for.
  • 6 ergonomically placed buttons
  • Save custom DPI settings within the mouse with the onboard memory of the Harpoon RGB
  • RGB Backlights with custom glow
  • The design is contoured which provides natural yet comfortable fit in your hand that compliments your quick movements gaming style
  • Contour design is complimented by rubber side grips for additional comfort and protection
  • Fits in your palm yet has great performance
  • Comes with Omron switches that can sustain massive 20 million clicks at a go
  • Highly customizable

3. Razer Death Adder RZ01-02540100-R3M1 Essential Optical Esports Gaming Mouse

Razer Death Adder RZ01-02540100-R3M1 Essential Optical Esports Gaming Mouse

There is no doubt that the Razer Death Adder Essential is a brilliant gaming mouse for the money, especially given its legendary status and fantastic performance thanks to that 6400 DPI sensor. The evergreen Razer Death Adder Essential gaming mouse that illuminates a single color sharp green backlighting that provides users with an authentic brand aura, without any sacrifice in vibe. The body is built with a sturdy plastic construction feeling dependable and trustworthy. It is being connected to the computer with a1.8m Wired & Braided USB Cable. This is clearly built to withstand rough use over the years.

Top Features :

  • Has a superior and comfortable 6,400 DPI optical sensor. It gives you precise swipes and is very fast.
  • Ergonomic usability with its 5 hyper responsive buttons. Durable for about 10,000,000 clicks (10 million), the buttons are ergonomically placed about the mouse.
  • A very distinct and unique shape that is designed to let you game comfortably for extended number of hours.
  • Light in weight for easier movement and seamless playing
  • Razer synapse software lets you customize the macros of the mouse to suit your DPI and button requirements

4. HP OMEN 400 Gaming Mouse

HP OMEN 400 Gaming Mouse

HP Omen 400 is another mouse that comes in the category of high performance gaming mouse. It comes with 5000 DPI optical sensor and have a durability of about 10 million clicks.  The body is built with a sturdy plastic construction feeling dependable and superior. The mouse ids equipped with customizable LED lights with over 8 different colors.

Top Features :

  • High accuracy with 5,000 DPI sensitive optical sensor that is easy to switch
  • This switching is possible at the nick of time you can switch form 1,600 DPI to 5,000 DPI
  • Ergonomic mouse that is designed for Right-handed gamers. It has rubber grips on either side for additional comfort and support
  • Sniper mode by the thumb includes dipping down the DPI levels to as low to 400 to facilitate easier and smoother shots taken from a long distance.
  • Includes thumb buttons with scroll click and a total of 6 buttons which are all customizable and can be programmed through the HP macros.
  • Buttons are made out of Omron mechanical switches. Easy switching with clicks that have a maximum lifetime of about 10,000,000 (10 million clicks)
  • The scroll wheel has precise control with over 24 detents that are engineered for zooming in, aim change, weapon selection and simple scroll functions as well.
  • Customizable LED lighting with over 8 colours and 4 different effects of the light for your choosing.

5. Lenovo Gaming Mouse – M200 (GX30P93886)

Lenovo Gaming Mouse - M200

Lenovo Legion M200 is a gaming mouse from Lenovo Legion family of Gaming products. The Lenovo M200 RGB Gaming Mouse comes with a 5-button design, up to 2400 DPI with 4 levels DPI switch, 7-colour circulating-backlight and a braided cable. Adjustable 4 level DPI setting; 500 fps frame rate; 30 inches per second maximum movement speed; 7-colour circulating-backlight.

Top Features :

  • A light in weight yet a very unique and intriguing design of a gamer’s mouse.
  • Has a rich 5 button palette and all of these buttons are ergonomically distributed about the mouse.
  • The Omron buttons have a 10 million click life thus are durable much like most of the A quality mice listed here.
  • DPI optical sensor sensitivity of this mouse is just about 2400 DPI which is comparatively for a gaming mouse but is fine for beginners.
  • The DPI can be switched to 4 different levels with the central DPI switch which can be changed instantaneously any time during gameplay.
  • Has a 7 circulating multi colour backlight on the base for visual aesthetics.
  • Has a braided rope based cable that has greater comfort and strength.
  • Easy to use and easy to install without the use of complicated software
  • Compatible with almost all types of Operating Systems

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