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Want To Protect Your Mobile From Hackers, Then Follow These Tips

If you want to Protect Your Mobile From Hackers, then follow these steps. Now-a-days personal data and banking details are the most sensitive information which needs to be protected at any cost.
Make Your Facebook Account More Secure

6 Ways To Make Your Facebook Account More Secure

Here we are going to explain you some most important tips, with the help of which you can make your Facebook Account more secure & safe.
upi payment fraud

Do You Use UPI For Payments? Beware, Your Money Can Be Stolen!

Now a days, Cyber-attack cases have increased exponentially. But if you wish, you can minimize or even stop them to some extent. So, to prevent such kind of cyber-attacks and fraud during UPI For Payments, you have to take some serious precautions.
otp fraud

What Are OTP scam? | How To Avoid OTP Fraud?

As frequency of online transaction is increasing, the online fraud and scams are also growing rapidly. In recent time, fraudsters use OTP scam to steal lots of money from innocent people’s bank account.

Alert! Don’t Fall in QR Code Scam, Check Before Scanning Any QR Code

Even though there is enough security protection incorporated into UPI and card payments, fraudster use various tricks and hacks like spam links, QR Code Scam to get users sensitive information.

5 Tricks To Avoid Cyber Fraud on WhatsApp Pay

Here in this article, I'm going to explain 5 tricks to avoid cyber fraud on WhatsApp Pay. Using these tips and tricks, you can save your hard earned money.

How To Be Safe On Internet | Protect Yourself From Online Fraud

Today we are going to give you some most important tips on how to be Safe on Internet , by adopting which you can avoid online fraud.

500 Million Facebook User’s Phone Numbers Leaked, On Sale Via Telegram Bot | Facebook...

According to the report of Motherboard, the information of the mobile number of about 500 million people around the world including India has been leaked and users Facebook account hacked.

Facebook Physical Security Key Launched; Now Hackers Will Not Be Able To Do Anything

In order to improve data security, the leading social media company Facebook will provide Physical Security Keys to common users worldwide from next year 2021

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