10 Amazing Features of Signal App Just Like WhatsApp

10 amazing features that is available in Signal App which are exactly similar to WhatsApp which every user should know.
WhatsApp vs Signal vs Telegram

What is Telegram | How It is Different From Other Messaging Apps?

There are many amazing and unique features of Telegram that makes it different from any other messaging app out there. Using these awesome features, you can make your chat and account super secure, store online unlimited amount of files using its cloud feature, make voice and video calls, share live locations with anyone, create polls, assign automated bots and much more.
WhatsApp, Signal or Telegram

WhatsApp vs Signal vs Telegram | Which Is Better and Secure Messaging App?

Here we are going to compare WhatsApp vs Signal vs Telegram features to know which application is better and more secure.

Top 5 YouTube Thumbnail Maker Apps for Mobile

Top 5 YouTube Thumbnail Maker Apps for Android using which you can create really eye catching and attractive thumbnails for YouTube.

5 Best Video Editing App For YouTube

We are here to help you choose to between them, and this article covers up the best video editing android apps available, both paid-for and free.
whatsapp web

How To Use WhatsApp Web Login in Computers

Here we are going to provide you with a detailed guide of how to use WhatsApp Web login feature, with the help of which you can use all the features provided by WhatsApp on your Computers.
made in india apps

Top Made In India Apps Which May Replace WhatsApp, Twitter & Google Map |...

Top Made in India apps which may replace foreign apps like WhatsApp, Google maps, Twitter etc.
foldable smartphone

Foldable Apple iPhone Coming Soon| Two Prototypes Passed In Durability Test

If you want to buy a foldable Smartphone, then many such Smartphones are set to be launched in the market this year. At the same time, Apple Inc. can also bring its own Foldable Apple iPhone.

Signal App Leaves WhatsApp Behind, Becomes India’s Most Popular App

Elon Musk says that Signal app is the world's most secure app. Also appealed to people to use this app.
indian army launches sai app for cyber security

Indian Army Launched “SAI App” with End-to-End Encryption | SAI App

Indian Army has developed an indigenous messaging App called “SAI App” that will provide secure voice, text and video calling services to its soldiers.

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