CoWIN App | How To Register, Documents Needed To Get Covid-19 Vaccine In India

Corona Vaccine Registration Process: CoWin App is a digitized platform and a specialized end-to-end citizen-centric tool that will be the backbone of the technology behind India’s historic and vast vaccination drive.

Covid-19 vaccination campaign will start in the country on January 16. In the first phase, there will be vaccination of healthcare personnel. To monitor the Covid-19 vaccine, the government has created a Co-Win App. This application will be effectively used by central and state governments to implement inoculation drives. However, Corona vaccine will not be put on the spot. For this, you have to first register on the portal.

To register, the government has launched the CoWIN portal. Aadhar card is necessary for registration. Only after this, registration will be done in which all the data will be fed. It will also be able to know whether you have received the first dose or the second. SMS alert will come even after completing the schedule of two doses.

The mobile app is also an update from the Electronic Vaccine Intelligence Network. It can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store and Apple Play Store. This app will also run-on live phone. On the other hand, citizens who are not health workers, can register for the vaccine after the app arrives.


Is The CoWIN App Available To Everyone?

The CoWIN app has not yet been released for general public use. If you somehow download it from the App Store, it will not work. Right now only health officials are able to use this app. At the same time, the data of people taking the vaccine in the first phase has already been fed into it. The app will be launched by the Ministry of Health in late March.

How This App Will Work?

There are two parts to this app. The beneficiary will use the first part. Whereas, the second part will be the back end module, which will be used by the vaccine. As soon as this app is available to everyone, then it will have four modules – User Administrator, Beneficial Registration, Vaccination and Benefit Assessment and Status Updation.


What Are The Four Modules?

Back End Module: Currently it is the most important part of the app. It can view the temperature and send real time information to the central server. People managing the program will get information on the dashboard about what is happening at the cold chain points at the block level. Cold chain points can be alerted and information will be available in case of any kind of problem.

Administrator module: The CoWIN app will help monitor, strategize and handle the beneficiary’s vaccine session. There will be an administrator module with a beneficiary management platform. Through this, a vaccine session can be prepared with information. This includes many things, such as – how many people can be vaccinated and who will be vaccinated in a day, on one block, at a time.

Registration Module: Here a person can register himself for free on the CoWIN app. It will also be used to record vaccine data. Apart from this, a person can also register himself by going to the service centre. At the same time, managers can also upload large amounts of data. Through this, the details of the vaccine can be verified and it will also know when the second dose is to be given.

What Is the Process of Registration?

To register, there is a form on the portal in which information like name, address, age, medical history is being asked. After feeding all the data, you have to choose a photo ID which will be used for verification. When you go to the vaccination centre, this ID will be matched before giving the dose. Submitting the form will send SMS to your registered mobile number. Then you have to wait for the SMS of the vaccination schedule.

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How the Schedule Will Be Made?

The government will make a vaccination schedule based on the availability of vaccine and your position in the priority list. An SMS will be sent to your mobile where and when the vaccine will be applied. At the appointed time you will have to wait for your turn to reach the vaccination centre. Do not forget to take your photo ID proof which was given at the time of registration because without the ID verification vaccine will not be given. According to the government, photo ID has been made mandatory to ensure that the vaccine is put to the right person.


Which IDs Proof Are Valid?

According to the document released on Friday by the Ministry of Health, at the time of registration one can give one of these IDs:

  • Driving License
  • Voter Id
  • Health Insurance Smart Card
  • MNREGA Card
  • Identity Cards of MPs / MLAs / Legislative Council Members
  • Pan Card
  • Bank / Post Office Passbook
  • Passport
  • Pension Document
  • Service Eye Cards of Government Employees

Note: Aadhar card is very important, without this registration will not be possible. However, this portal has not yet been made public. It is only accessible to the people of the first phase. Its app will take time to arrive and currently it will not be available on any play store either.

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