Do You Use UPI For Payments? Beware, Your Money Can Be Stolen!

Do You Use UPI For Payments? Beware, Your Money Can Be Stolen!: Now a days, Cyber-attack cases have increased exponentially. But if you wish, you can minimize or even stop them to some extent. So, to prevent such kind of cyber-attacks and fraud, you have to take some serious precautions.

In this Corona Era, there is a huge jump in the online transaction and payments through UPI. Because it’s easier to make payments, send money or even receive in just one click. Whether you have got to pay bills, or have to purchase grocery or other stuffs, recharge etc., payments are done anywhere through UPI. It’s not limited only to payments, but you can also send and transfer money to any of your friends or relatives.


While you do any online payments through UPI, there are many options available to you to send money to any one like direct bank transfer, transfer to any mobile number, accepting payment request and transfer by scanning QR code. But if you pay through any UPI platform including BHIM App, Phone Pe, Google Pay etc., then you have to take care of a few important things to keep you safe from any kind of fraud.

However online payments are much easier and convenient but sometimes it turns to be dangerous. Because hackers and fraudsters always keep an eye on the activities of the users who use online medium for any kind of transaction and if they found any vulnerability or loophole, they just empty their bank account in a blink of eye.

So now if you use any UPI platform, then you have to take care of few things which are mentioned below.

Let’s look in this in detail, How?

If someone sends you any type of QR code through payment apps or social media, then do not scan it immediately or accidentally. Hackers can steal your money using this strategy. First of all you should verify that the QR is not sent by any anonymous person, after that only you can proceed further.


If ever you are asked to input your UPI PIN from any unauthorized place or anonymous person, about which you are not aware, then avoid inputting the UPI PIN. It might be a trap to steal your money from your bank account.

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If you’re a seller, then you ought to avoid accepting any quiet and frequent payment request. For this you should always give your UPI registered phone number or UPI ID to the sender to transfer money.

Online marketplaces like OLX have always alerted their users that they ought to meet the vendor in person before finalizing any deal. Because scammers and fraudsters are finding alternative ways to steal people’s money nowadays.

Let’s Talk about fishing Fraudster. Sometimes Fraudster and scammers sends a link to the user and they are asked them to click on the link to proceed. Once you click that link, the option to select any UPI app present in your phone is exposed. As soon as you select the targeted app, money is automatically deducted from your bank account. In such a situation, avoid such messages which asked to click on any link.


In this world of internet, everything that is online can be hacked. The only way to do this is to find the loophole. These loopholes might be in the form of security flaws or unawareness of people. Most of the cyber theft happen only due to unawareness and lack of knowledge of people and thus they easily become the victims of online fraud.

So, these are some of the tips following which you can definitely minimize and even stop such kind of scam and cybercrimes.

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