Alert! Don’t Fall in QR Code Scam, Check Before Scanning Any QR Code

While mobile online payments are easy and simple, they are also being used by fraudsters/hackers to rob people off their hard-earned money from their account. Recently two developments have created an increasing environment for fraud – the increased usage of Smartphone with internet and multiple modes of online payment through apps.

Even though there is enough security protection incorporated into UPI and card payments, fraudster use various tricks and hacks like spam links, QR Code Scam to get users sensitive information.

There are many methods used by hackers that range from payment requests made on UPI to sharing of QR codes on WhatsApp.

Fraudster and hackers share a QR code over WhatsApp asking for the code to be scanned to receive payments in their bank account.

how to use QR code

What is a QR code?

QR code (Quick Response Code) consists of several black squares and dots that represent some digital information. When the Smartphone scans this code, it converts that information into digital language that can be easily understood. In the Corona era, people are using this to make payments through mobile. This also fulfills the rule of social distancing.

Customers as well as merchants/shopkeepers can deal with this payment solution without proximity.

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How Does QR Code Scam Takes Place?

The scam begins after a product is posted for sale online on a website. When fraudsters generate a QR code as buyers and share it to pay advance or token money. They then create a QR code with a higher amount and share it with the person who purchased it through WhatsApp or email.

After sharing the QR code, Fraudster asks his victims to select the “Scan QR Code” option on the app, or to select the QR code from the photo gallery. After scanning the QR code from the photo gallery, the victim is requested to proceed with the payment. As soon as the UPI PIN is inserted, more money is deducted from the victim’s bank account.


What Should You Do?

Police and bank officials have been advising people not to share their debit / credit card number, their expiry date, PIN, OTP, etc. from time to time. They also advise against scanning QR codes sent by unknown person. You can complain about this under the cyber crime law in the nearest police station. It should be remembered that only paying at shops requires scanning the QR code. There is no need of QR Code to collect or send money from any person.

Also you should remember that QR codes need to be scanned only during making payments and while receiving money.

In such a situation, the QR code should be used very carefully so that there is no fraud from your bank account.

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