500 Million Facebook User’s Phone Numbers Leaked, On Sale Via Telegram Bot | Facebook Account Hacked

Facebook Account Hacked: Usually, every person in the world is present on the social media platform Facebook. But in terms of security, the use of Facebook can prove to be dangerous. In fact, personal data including phone number of a large number of people has been leaked from Facebook.

According to the report of Motherboard, the information of the mobile number of about 500 million people around the world including India has been leaked and users Facebook account hacked. These mobile numbers are being sold on Telegram bot. It contains data and phone numbers of about 61 lakh Indian users. The first information has been given on Twitter by security researcher Alon Gal.

Facebook User’s Data is Being Sold For $20

According to the report of Motherboard, if someone has a contact number of someone, then they can access their Facebook user ID with the help of Telegram bot. But for this the user has to pay. Those who have created the Telegram bot are selling a phone number or Facebook ID for $ 20, i.e., about Rs 1,450.

Facebook Account Hacked

Anyone Can Get These Contact Numbers

According to Gal, the user who is running the bot can get the contact number linked to any account of any Facebook country. Such a problem was also revealed in the year 2020. In such a situation, if users want to secure their mobile number, then the best option would be to remove the mobile number from the Facebook account.

How To Remove Phone Number From Facebook?

  • Open your Facebook app first.
  • After this, click on the three dotted lines in the right side.
  • After this, click on Account Settings.
  • Then select the phone number option from the General option.
  • Their name, email address and mobile number will appear from where you will have to go to the phone option.
  • After this click on Remove from Your Account option.
  • Then your current phone number will appear. After this, click on Remove from your account.
  • After this, the password of the Facebook account has to be entered.
  • Once the password is verified, the mobile number will be removed from Facebook.
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Data Has Been Leaked Even Before This

This is not the first case of user’s data leaked from Facebook. Earlier in 2019, about 41.9 million Facebook users’ data was found on unsecured servers. However, this problem was quickly fixed by the company. Facebook data has been leaked in 100 countries around the world. At the same time in India, this number is around 61,62,450.

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