FAU-G Game To Be Launched On Republic Day | How To Download FAUG?

FAUG, aptly named Fearless and United Guards, is an action game made by Bangalore-based game company nCore Games in India. The game has been made in India by the Indian gaming company and is scheduled to be launched tomorrow i.e. on 26 January, 2021.

Let you know that FAU-G was announced in early September last year. After this some of its teasers and trailers were also released. FAU-G was announced soon after PUBG Mobile was banned in India, causing a sudden stir. The developers also promoted it as the Self-Reliant India Campaign. Now, when the game is about to launch tomorrow, why not first takes a look at all the things related to it again.

What is FAU-G?

FAU-G, aptly named Fearless and United Guards, is an action game created by Bangalore-based game company nCore Games in India. It was announced in September 2020, soon after the Government of India imposed a ban on PUBG Mobile. Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar announced FAU-G on Twitter, saying that it would support the self-sufficient India movement and “players will also learn about our soldiers’ sacrifice”. He also shared that 20 per cent of the profits earned by the game will be donated to the ‘Bharat Ke Veer‘ Trust.

The co-founder of nCore Games Vishal Gondal had revealed that the first level in FAU-G is based on the Indo-China skirmish in Galvan Valley where the Indian Army fought with Chinese troops. Then in October, Akshay Kumar shared a teaser, which gave us a glimpse of the brawler mechanics in the game. While the game is being touted as an Indian alternative to PUBG Mobile, it does not appear to be a mobile battle royal game like PUBG.

However, a report stated that FAU-G will have a story mode at launch, while multiplayer and Battle Royal modes will be added later.

When Will FAU-G Launch?

FAU-G is scheduled to launch in India tomorrow, i.e., 26 January (Republic Day). Akshay Kumar shared the release date earlier this month via a tweet. The game was originally scheduled to launch in October last year but did not. Then nCore Games had reported that FAU-G would launch in November 2020, but this did not happen. Now, it is set to launch on Republic Day.

Where and How To Download FAU-G?

The FAU-G app page went live on Google Play in late November and was taking pre-registration. Players who register will start receiving download notifications tomorrow. In addition, it will be downloaded and installed by itself on compatible devices. If you haven’t pre-registered, you can download and install the game manually via Google Play Store after its launch.

Let’s say that within three days of the game’s page going live on Google Play it was allegedly pre-registered by 1 million people. Recently Vishal Gondal shared that the game has been pre-registered by 4 million people.


Which Other Games Will Challenge FAU-G?

The trailer shared by Akshay Kumar shows that FAU-G is based on military warfare. The game will also add multiplayer and Battle Royale modes in the future. 

There are already many popular Battle Royale games like this on Google Play and App Store, including some big names Call of Duty: Mobile (which has both multiplayer and Battle Royal modes), Modern Combat 5: Blackout (First Person Shooter), Modern War (Online Only Strategy Game), Afterpulse (Third Person Multiplayer Shooter), Warface: Global Operations (First Person Shooter), Fortnite (Battle Royale available at Epic Games), Garena Free Fire (Battle Royale), Cyber Hunter (Battle Royale) etc.

Why Galvan Valley Theme?

When you look at the action game genre, they follow a theme, with popular titles such as the Call of Duty franchise based on themes that had an emotional connection with the local audience. However, the Indian audience has no such connection. Vishal Gondal said, “I think if we want to make a game out of India, then we have to make it based on Indian subjects and if you look at Indian subjects, we have all seen Galvan Valley and what has happened,” he said.

With FAU-G, players on the border can follow in the footsteps of Indian soldiers.

Gondal revealed that FAU-G future episode stories may include several previous historical limitations in India such as the Kargil incident, the 1971 Indo-Pakistan war and 2016 surgical intervention. It will be interesting to see how new play styles are implemented with these storylines.

A Battle Royale Mode On The Map

Regarding the inclusion of Battle Royal mode in the future, Gondal said, “As we receive data from consumers and what elements they like, we will continue to develop the game. Depending on the feedback, various modes such as PvP Mode (Player vs. Player) and Battle Royal Mode may come into the game in the coming months. “

He also suggested that slowly adding game elements would ensure a better experience for players and reduce the likelihood of server problems. “We are in no hurry. We want to take things at a good, slow pace and make better products.

With FAU-G You Can Contribute To The Indian Army

“We are donating 20 per cent of the game’s proceeds to the ‘Veer of India‘ Foundation, which enables Indians to contribute positively to the military,” Gondal said. Every in-app purchase that players contribute to the foundation

FAU-G is also completely free to play, while in-game shopping allows users to customize their player avatars with skins and other elements. Along with the game, players can also purchase official FAU-G goods through the app. It includes T-shirts, hoodies and more.

Support For Older Low-End Devices

FAU-G will also be available for older Android devices and phones running on Android 8 (Oreo) or higher will be able to play games. Given that the hardware of phones running Android Oreo had fewer specs than modern phones, it can be assumed that most Android phones today can run FAU-G, even if they are not flagship devices.

FAU-G Attaches Great Importance To Data Security

“Our privacy policy is very clear and we have all our data stored in India. Gondal said that none of our shareholders come from the country, which anyone finds objectionable.

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