Foldable Apple iPhone Coming Soon| Two Prototypes Passed In Durability Test

If you want to buy a foldable Smartphone, then many such Smartphones are set to be launched in the market this year. At the same time, Apple  Inc. can also bring its own Foldable Apple iPhone. It is reported that in the first testing from the company, the foldable Apple iPhone has been passed.

Lets know the complete details regarding its specifications and Launch date.

Nowadays the craze and demand of foldable Smartphone is increasing among the people due to its design and premium look. Many big Smartphone making companies are launching their foldable Smartphones in the market. Talking about the year 2020, so many companies including Motorola and Samsung launched their foldable smartphones.

Now in the year 2021 also, the magic and craze of foldable Smartphone is going to take off. This year, many companies are preparing to launch their great foldable Smartphone including companies like Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi and Vivo. Apple is preparing to bring two of its foldable iPhones in the market.

At the same time, Xiaomi can also launch its 3 foldable Smartphone. In such a situation, the craze of such phones is going to increase in the market once again with the news of the arrival of a foldable iPhones.

apple iphone foldable

Foldable Apple iPhone Details

Apple’s foldable iPhone is a matter of discussion from a long time. Now, in a new report, the testing of two foldable prototype iPhones of Apple is coming out in the upcoming month. According to the news, both of these phones have been tested at Apple’s Foxconn factory which is Apple’s largest assembling firm in China. This Smartphone has a dual-screen, clamshell foldable model whose design can be quite similar to Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and Motorola Razor smartphone. It is being assumed that the foldable iPhone could potentially be released in September 2022.

The report states that both prototypes iPhone have passed all the tests. It is said that Samsung’s OLED display can be used in Clamshell foldable iPhones. There is another information leaked that after the release of this phone in the market, Apple can shut down its iPhone mini.

Apple’s first foldable iPhone will have at least 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal storage. The price of a foldable iPhone can be up to $ 1,499, which is about 1 lakh rupees in Indian currency. After bringing foldable iPhone, Apple will join the list with Samsung, Huawei and Motorola.


Xiaomi is Bringing 3 Foldable Phones

Chinese company Xiaomi is also going to launch its 3 Smartphone this year. In such a situation, this can be a good option for those who are fond of buying a foldable phone at a budget price. The company is bringing its out-folding, in-folding and Clamshell design phones. This phone of Xiaomi will be very similar to the design of Huawei Mate X smartphone. The display size of this Smartphone can be up to 8-inches after being on-fold.


Samsung Will Also Launch New Foldable Phone

Samsung is also preparing to launch its new foldable smartphone in this year. This new phone of the company can be named as Galaxy Z Fold 3, which can be launched with a smaller display than Galaxy Z Fold 2. The new foldable phone display can be 7.55 inch, in addition the phone’s cover display can be 6.21-inch.

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