How To Be Safe On Internet | Protect Yourself From Online Fraud

How To Be Safe On Internet | Protect Yourself From Online Fraud: With the rise of Internet usage, online fraud and hacking cases have also increased rapidly. In such a situation, the question now arises that what should we keep in mind while using internet to avoid online fraud and be safe on internet. Then you will find the answer here.

Today we are going to give you some most important tips on how to be Safe on Internet , by adopting which you can avoid online fraud.

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1. Have a Different Password for Each Account

Almost everyone uses many social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. in today’s time. In such a situation it is difficult to remember the password of every account. 

To avoid this problem, most people create a same type of password for all accounts whether its their social media account or any other account because its easy for them to remember the password if they are similar.

Have a Different Password for Each Account

Now here they make a huge mistake because if a single password is leaked with the hackers, then there is a danger of getting hacked on all accounts. So always keep in mind that make different password for each account. 

Also your password must be minimum of 8 letters comprising of uppercase, lowercase, number & special character. By doing this your personal account and data will be protected.

2. Must Check Website URL

First of all, if you are going to open any website (whether you are paying for bills or banking service or any other online payment portal) then always check the URL of the website. 

The URL of the website should start from “https“, which shows that this website connected to a secure connection. If the URL doesn’t start from “https” then it not a secure site for any kind of online transaction. 

How To Be Safe On Internet

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3. Avoid Using Free Public Wi-Fi

Now a days, there are many free Wi-Fi services provided at public places like station, airport, hotels, malls etc. Many people thought that these public Wi-Fi are secure like their internet connection and ofcourse free, so they start doing all the online transactions, shopping using these free public Wi-Fi.

But they are not aware of the consequences of using these free Wi-Fi for online transactions. 

Never use these free public Wi-Fi or unsecured Wi-Fi connection for shopping, banking or any other financial transactions. If you use these free Wi-Fi, then your personal data will be completely unsafe and you will  fall prey in the hands of hackers. So always avoid using free Wi-Fi for any transactions.

how to get wifi for free

4. Backup Your Important Files

Always keep a regular backup of your important files, documents etc in some type of external storage devices like hard drive, SSD or pen drive. Because if any kind of Ransomware attack happens or even if your device got hacked, then copy of all your files & data will be with you.

Also don’t visit any type of unknown sites or dark web sites using your computer or laptop in which you have stored all your important files and documents.

how to backup files and images in computer

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5. Don’t Share Banking Details With Anyone

This is most important thing to be always kept in mind that do not share your personal and banking details with anyone via phone or email or SMS. 

Do Not Share Banking Details and password With Anyone

Now a days many there are many cases are happening regarding online fraud. Hackers call innocent people as banking representative and ask for their personal & banking details, card number etc. Using these details they empty their bank account.

So never ever give any of your banking details to anyone even if he/she is a god itself.

Thus by following the above tips you can protect yourself from any kind of scam and cyber attack.

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