How to Change Address in Aadhaar Card Using m-Aadhaar App

How to Change Address in Aadhaar Card Using m-Aadhaar App: In India, Aadhaar card has become the most important document for every person today. It is important for every citizen of the country to have a Aadhar card as it is considered a valid id proof.

As per current income tax laws, Aadhaar card number (UIN) is mandatory while filing income tax return (ITR) and while applying for a new a PAN card. It is also mandatory to link one’s PAN with Aadhaar as per the government instructions.

Further, if you are availing any kind of subsidy or grant from Central or State government, then you will have to provide your Aadhaar number.

But sometimes the registered address changes due to a mistake or due to changing the house or location. At that time, it becomes very important to update the new address in the Aadhar card.

Also sometimes due to some technical or human mistakes, the address in the Aadhaar card registered incorrectly. So it it necessary to update the correct address.

In such a scenario, if anyone wants to change or update the address in their Aadhaar card, then they have to either go to the Aadhar sewa kendra or to agent for that purpose.

But do you know that you don’t have to go anywhere or to anyone to update any information of your Aadhar card because you can do it easily by sitting in home.

So here we are going to explain How to Change Address in Aadhaar Card by which you can easily change any information of your Aadhaar card in simple steps.

You can do so by using an app called ” mAadhaar app “.

Here we are telling you steps to be followed to change address in Aadhaar Card through mAadhaar app.

How to Change Address in Aadhaar Card?

Steps To Be Followed :

Step 1: First of all, you have to download the mAadhaar App on your smartphone, which is available for free from Google Play Store and App Store.

How to Change Address in Aadhaar Card

Step 2: After downloading the mAadhaar app, open it and skip some of the scrolls that appear in front of you.

Step 3: After this, Welcome to mAadhaar will appear your smartphone screen. Here you have to select the language as per your convenience and click on Continue.

Step 4: Then you will be asked to register your mobile number, after entering it. After entering the Mobile number, tap on Next button. Then click on the Submit button.

Step 5: On clicking the Submit button, you have to click on Register my Aadhaar.

Step 6: After this your Aadhaar data will be registered in the App and you will have to enter a 4-digit PIN. Then Aadhaar number will be asked after confirming the PIN.

Step 7: After this an OTP will come on your registered mobile number. After entering it, click on Verify. As soon as you click on Verify, your Aadhar card number along with some options will appear at the top.

Step 8: To update the address, you have to click on the services from the bottom four options : Services, My Aadhaar, Enrolment Centre & More. After this, tap on Update Address Online from the options given below.

Step 9: Now after entering the Aadhaar number, enter the Security captcha and tap on the request OTP given below. Now enter the OTP received on the registered mobile number and click on Verify.

Step 10: After this, you will be asked how to update your address. For which the options of via Address Proof and via Secret Code will be available. From this you have to tap on via Address Proof. Then fill your present address details and preview it to see if there will be any mistake.

Step 11: Then you will be asked for address proof which should be scanned and uploaded. After this, click on verify button. In just few days, your address will be updated and a new Aadhaar card will arrive at your updated address.

Note: mAadhaar app can be used anywhere anytime within India. mAadhaar is more than Aadhaar card in a wallet. On one hand the mAadhaar profile is accepted as a valid ID proof by Airports and Railways and on the other hand, residents can use the features in the app to share their eKYC or QR code with service providers who sought Aadhaar verification of their customers before providing Aadhaar services.

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