How To Know Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile?

Do you really wany to know who viewed and checked your Facebook profile?

If yes, then this article will help you to know how you can check who viewed your Facebook profile and account.

As we all know that Facebook is a California (USA) based social media giant company and it was founded by Mark Zuckerberg and some of his Harvard friends.

Social media platform Facebook may be a place where users spend tons of their time. It is a platform where people upload photos and videos. Also, if you’re going somewhere, then you give your information to your friends through this platform, sign up or inspect. You can access Facebook account from any devices like PC, laptop or mobile phones. You can also share text, photos, videos and other things to your friends and followers using this platform.

But even after the advancement of technology, there are some loopholes and bugs present in this platform which are needed to be patched up.

These loopholes and bugs are security flaws like who viewed your profile without your permission.

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Many times, such news has been heard during which there are cases of somebody being monitored through Facebook. It also proves dangerous for users at times.

The primary reason for this is that Facebook is an open-source platform with a tremendous user base and anyone can visit your profile through your name and Facebook ID and use your images and videos in illegal way. This is because many fake profiles are still active on Facebook. Anyone can use the personal information provided by you in your profile in a wrong and unethical way which may harm your reputation and social presence.

In such a situation, if you would like to understand whether someone is keeping an eye fixed on you thru Facebook, then the steps given below are often acknowledged.

Know who has seen your Facebook profile?

Method 1:

1. To follow these steps, you’ve to use the online version of Facebook.

2. Open your Facebook account first. You will have to login to

3. When your Facebook account is open, you’ll need to right click on the page.

4. After this, click on View Page Source option.

5. After the page source is open, you have to press CTRL + F in your keyboard. After the search bar is open, you’ve got to type ‘BUDDY_ID‘. Then enter it.

6. When this is often done, you’ll see some Facebook profile IDs written adequate to BUDDY_ID.

7. Copy one among these IDs and open a replacement tab.

8. After this enter by typing ID. This will be the ID of the person who opened and viewed your profile.

So by this method you can get to know about who has checked your Facebook profile.

Method 2 :

Recently, Facebook added a new feature in its platform to know “who viewed your profile”. This feature lets you see who visited and checked your Facebook account in the last 30 days.

To Check Follow the steps mentioned below:

1. First of all, Log in to your Facebook account

2. Open (3 lines) main drop-down menu from the top Right corner.

3. Go to Privacy Shortcuts and here you’ll see a feature “Who viewed my profile “.

Note: This feature is out there just for the iOS App for now.

who viewed your Facebook profile

Method 3 :

Since the above method explained is enough to know about the person who viewed your profile. But if you are an iOS user and still facing the problem, then the solution is here.

For iOS user, the developers have designed an app called “Social Fans”. This app will provide you with detailed information about who has viewed your profile. You can download this app from App store or iTunes store for all iOS devices.

So, these are some of the most commonly used methods using which you can know who viewed your Facebook profile. In case if you think that something missing or you want to know about anything else, then do let us know comment section below and we’ll try to get back to you to solve your query.

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