Indian Army Launched “SAI App” with End-to-End Encryption | SAI App

In order to prevent the repeated cyber attacks attempted by Chinese and Pakistani spy agents to obtain classified information and data from Indian territory, the Indian Army has developed an indigenous messaging App called “SAI” that will provide secure voice, text and video calling services to its soldiers.

The Indian Army has developed this app called SAI, which stands for “Secure Application for Internet”

The new app launched by the Indian Army comes after the call of an “Atmanirbhar Bharat” mission, which translates to self-reliant India. The Indian Army will use SAI for secure voice, text and video calling services.

indian army launches sai app

The mode of SAI App is similar to commercially available popular messaging applications like WhatsApp, Telegram and Hike. 

The new App launched by the Indian Army also supports end-to-end encryption like most of the popular Apps out there. SAI also offer secure voice, text and video calling services. Data will be securely stored at the local servers and the coding can also be tweaked as per requirements. 

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The App has been launched to prevent leaking of any sensitive information to intelligence agencies threat could be a threat to National Security, the Ministry of Defence said.

SAI is aimed at offering a secure messaging service to the Indian Army soldiers. The Made in India messaging app is currently available only on Android and is said to be available soon on iOS.

Indian Army Launches Indigenous Messaging App SAI

Who Developed SAI App?

The App named “Secure Application for Internet or SAI” was developed by Colonel Sai Shankar and has been tested by the government’s nodal agency CERT- in empaneled auditor and Army Cyber Group.

According to the ministry, the process for filing Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), hosting the infrastructure on NIC and developing the application for iOS platform is under process.

The Indian Army has been proactive against the use of commercial social media applications by its personnel to avoid any data or information leaks or theft. Soon after the ban of 59 Chinese origin Apps by the Indian Government, the Indian Army had also asked its soldiers to delete 89 Apps from their smartphones including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WeChat. PUBG and several other apps over safety and security concerns.

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