Instagram Reels Video Length Limit Increased| Create Up To 60 Seconds Reels

Create 60 Seconds Instagram Reels Video: If you are also Instagram reels addict and like to create Instagram reels, then now your fun will be doubled because Instagram has rolled out a latest feature in its reels. Also it has implemented some great changes in its platform.

After the introduction of short video feature by the TikTok, other platforms like YouTube and Instagram are also allowing its users to create short videos on their platform to compete with TikTok. You can create and upload short videos of length upto 60 seconds on YouTube which are called as YouTube shorts. Also Instagram allows its users to create and upload reels videos of length up to 30 seconds.

But after the implementation of latest feature, Instagram has doubled its reels video duration. That means, now the users of Instagram can create and upload reels video of longer duration. The information about this new update has given by the Company itself by Tweeting from its Official Twitter Account.

This means that now all the users of Instagram will be able to create and upload Reels video of duration of up to 60 seconds. Earlier this Reels Video duration was of up to 15 seconds and 30 seconds.

In September last year, Instagram increased the duration of Reels Video from 15 seconds to 30 seconds. And from 27th July, 2021, 60 seconds Reels Video feature has been made available to all the Instagram users. For availing this 60 seconds reels feature, users have top update their Instagram app from the Google Play Store.

Interestingly, this feature has been introduced at the time when the head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, said in a statement that Instagram is no longer just a photo-sharing app.

How To Create 60 Seconds Instagram Reels Videos

Before creating Reels video of duration longer than 30 seconds, first of all you have to set the length of the video before recording.

Instagram Reels Video
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Steps to Record 60 seconds Reels:

Step 1: Open your Instagram account

Step 2: Then open the reels recording section by swiping right on the Feed.

Step 3: Click on the Down Arrow on the Left side of the screen.

Step 4: From the options, click on the Length once to record/upload 30 second video. For recording/uploading 60 seconds video, click on the Length option Twice.

Step 5: After that you can record/upload video as per your choice.

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Instagram Brings New Safety Features

Apart from the above updated feature, the company has told that it has made three major changes in Instagram for the users who are under the age of 16 years.

New Features:

1. Default young people into private accounts.

2. It is made harder to trace young people to suspicious accounts.

3. Limiting the options for the advertiser to reach the youth with advertisements.

From this week of July, any new user who creates an Instagram account who are under the age of 16 years will have a private account by default. Private accounts are more safe and secure because only followers of users can see their profile, stories, posts and Instagram reels. Posts from private accounts will not be visible in the Explore and Hashtag section and will not be public; so that they will be protected from comments and likes that they do not know.

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