What New Changes Will Be in Battlegrounds Mobile India?

The craze of Battlegrounds Mobile India is increasing day by day among the Indian gaming community. A lot of leaks, rumors and teasers are wandering around the internet which indicates that the game is going to launch on June 18, 2021.

This date is getting viral because few days ago, Krafton published a post in its Official Facebook page of Battlegrounds Mobile India that shows a gift wrapped Pan place on a table along with a map, and the map loosely hints that its going to be launched on June 18.

Also a large part of gaming content creators and influencers indicated that Battlegrounds Mobile India will be launched on June 18.

However till now the company has not confirmed the exact date of release of Battlegrounds Mobile India. The Pre-Registration for the game has been started for the Android user in Google play store only from 18th of May, 2021. There will be in-game rewards and outfits for the players who have pre registered the game.

So now the question arises that what new changes are implemented in Battlegrounds Mobile India?

In this article, we are going to list out the major changes that are implemented in Battlegrounds Mobile India, which are somehow similar or different from PUBG mobile.

Changes Implemented in Battlegrounds Mobile India

1. Royale Pass

Battlegrounds mobile india

KRAFTON, the South Korean video game developer, has not revealed anything about the new changes that we are going to see in Indian Version of PUBG mobile. But the inside information are getting leaked by some miners and leakers and through this we can know how the game might be.

Battlegrounds Mobile India will also have a Royale Pass just like PUBG Mobile, which will allow players to purchase and open crates for in- game items and accessories like gun & vehicle skins, cosmetics, outfits, etc. The Royale pass will get expire at the end of every season.

2. Rewards


Battlegrounds Mobile India will have season and tier rewards. Also there will be various time period events will come through which you can redeem excellent rewards.

There will be option for players to spin, draw and open various premium crates just like PUBG Mobile. The game will also contain Resource Extension Packs that will have unique items and accessories. For this you have to download the Resource Extension Packs in order to collect the the reward.

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3. Reporting In Game Cheating/Using Plugins


Cheating and using third party plugins are common in every game. Through this players modify graphics and settings of the game & they have the advantage over enemies because enemies are spotted easily.

To ban such kind of cheating in the game, there will be a provision to report cheaters in Battlegrounds Mobile India through In-Game Customer Service or via email. Also there will be in-game report channel using which you can report any players who are using cheats.

On receiving reports, the Battlegrounds Mobile India Customer Service team will analyze and check if the player was cheating. If found guilty, the player will be banned temporarily or permanently depending upon the severity.

4. Custom Rooms

new changes in pubg mobile india

Just like PUBG, also in Battlegrounds Mobile India, players will be able to create custom rooms. But this feature will be available only if you have Elite Royale Pass or you are in a Clan with Level 2 or Higher.

For creating Custom Rooms, player will require Room Card, which can be purchased from the in-game store.

5. Maps


Few days ago, Krafton has announced that the famous Erangel Map of PUBG Mobile will be available in Battlegrounds Mobile India. Apart from this, according to the leaked news, Battlegrounds Mobile India can also have Sanhok, Miramar and Vikendi (Beta) maps.

For playing any of the map, player will have to download them separately inside the game.

6. Killing/Grieving Teammates

There will be a penalty system in the game for killing or grieving your teammates. If any player misconduct or kills their own teammates, then the game will punish them by decreasing merits or temporary banning the player in the game.

7. Ranking Rules

Image via pubg.com

Just like PUBG Mobile, there will be a ranking system in Battlegrounds Mobile India to rate the player according to their performance in the game. After each game, player will be rewarded with some points based on their kills, damage, survival time, healings used and supporting teammates.

8. Rating Protection Card

pubg mobile india

In Battlegrounds Mobile India, Players will be able to collect the Rating Protection Cards as Royale Pass rewards only after reaching a corresponding RP level. The rating protection card will be of two types based on Duration & Uses.

9. Gameplay

pubg mobile india

Battlegrounds Mobile India will be a Third Person Perspective (TPP) game but if the player want, the they can switch between First Person Perspective (FPP) and Third Person Perspective (TPP).

The controls and sensitivity of the game will be similar to that of PUBG Mobile except for minor modifications in the controls.

10. Display

In the game, you can choose gender, color, appearance and style of the player according to your choice. Also there will be some mythic characters which can be availed only by purchasing them from the in game store.

So these are some of the similar changes that can be seen in Battlegrounds Mobile India once the game is launched.

If you have queries regarding Battlegrounds Mobile India, then you can visit the support site of Krafton by clicking the following link “https://help.battlegroundsmobileindia.com/a/support/?l=en“.

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