How To Transfer Contacts from Android to iOS?

How To Transfer Contacts from Android to iOS? More than 70% of people around the world are using Android phone and it maintained its position as the leading mobile operating system in June 2021 worldwide. But there are certain parameters and features in which iOS devices stands out, and thus many people prefer to switch from Android to iOS.

Everyone wants to experience and run a flagship iOS phone once in their life and so people switch from Android to iOS devices. But switching from Android to iOS platform can be a very challenging experience because iOS is whole different and new ecosystem. When people shift to iOS platform after running Android phone for many years, initially they face difficulty in operating their new iOS device. Also they want to transfer contacts from Android to iOS device, but they face problem in transferring data due to lack of knowledge.

However, there are certain ways in which you can easily transfer all your data and contacts from Android to iOS.

So, in this article I’m going to tell you how you can transfer contacts from Android to iOS in few simple steps.

1. Transfer Contacts Using “Move to iOS’ App

Move to iOS is an app especially designed by Apple to move all your phone data including photos, videos, media files, documents, email accounts and contacts wirelessly from Android to a new iOS device easily.

The best thing about this app is that it is also available in Google Play Store from where you can easily download it in your Android Device. But let me inform you that this app will only work in new iOS device. That means, this will work only if you are setting up your iPhone as a new device. In case, if you are already using an iPhone, then first you have to Factory Reset your device to get this option.

Transfer Contacts From Android to ios

Once you have met the above conditions, follow the below steps to transfer contacts.

Step 1: download and install Move to iOS App from Google Play Store.

transfer contacts android to ios

Step 2: Open the app, click on Continue and Accept the Terms & conditions.

Step 3: Then Allow access for permissions to location, contacts, calendar, storage and SMS and turn on Wi-Fi to continue further.

transfer android data to ios

Step 4: After that, click on Next to enter the Find Your Code screen. Here tap on Continue and then you will be asked to enter a code.

Step 5: Turn on your iPhone and start the initial setup process.

Transfer Contacts from Android to iOS

Step 6: After setting up you will enter Apps & Data screen on iPhone. Select Move Data from Android, it will generate a one time code.

Step 7: Enter the generated code in the Find Your Code screen of you Android phone (Step 4).

Step 8: Now you will see a data transfer screen that asks you to select the type of data you want to transfer. Select Contacts, and other dat you want to transfer and click on Next.

Step 9: Then leave both the devices until the transfer process is completed. It will take some depending on how much data you are transferring.

Step 10: Once finished, you will be notified. Then click on Done on Android phone and Continue on your iPhone to finish the setup process.

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2. Transfer Data Using Google Account Sync

Google Accounts provides on the most direct way for backing up and transfer of contacts from Android to iOS platform. So, if you have a Google Account, then you can easily transfer and sync all of your contacts on both the devices in just few steps.

For syncing contacts from Android to iPhone using Google Accounts, follow the below steps:

Step 1: First of all, make sure that all your contacts are synced with your Google Account. For this, go to Settings on Android phone.

Step 2: Then scroll down to Accounts and click on your Google Accounts.

Transfer Data Using Google Account

Step 3: After that, click on Account Sync and click on three dots on the top right corner to sync or switch the Contacts toggle to OFF & then ON again to sync the contacts.

Step 4: Then move to your iOS device and go to Settings.

Step 5: Click on Mail and then click on Accounts.

Step 6: Then click on Add Account and enter with the same Google Account as on your Android phone.

Step 7: After this, all the saved contacts on your Android phone will be visible on your iPhone.

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3. Transfer Contacts Using a VCF File

VCF files are mostly used for importing and exporting contacts from the address books. This may also be attached to e-mail, which provides you a way to import the contact information. 

This process is great if some of your saved contacts are not synched with Google Account, or if you only want to transfer a few contacts. VCF files can be easily created with contacts in it, move to the iPhone and then open it to see all of your contacts.

Step 1: Go to Contacts in your Android Phone.

 Transfer Contacts Using a VCF File

Step 2: Then go to Settings and select the Import/Export option.

Transfer Contacts from Android to iOS

Step 3: After that select your Google Account and click on Export to .vcf file.

Transfer Contacts from Android to iOS

Step 4: This will create a file of your contact in VCF format.

Step 5: Then go to your file manager, choose the file created in the above step, and send it to your iPhone via iTunes, External storage drive or Email.

Step 6: Now open the VCF file on your iPhone and click on Add all contacts to install the contacts on your device.

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4. Transfer Contacts Using a SIM Card

There is another way to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone by using your Smartphone’s SIM card. This method can be used even when you are offline or don’t have any google account.

The only problem of transferring contacts using this process is that it is a time consuming method as you have to manually switch the SIM card between your devices. Also, your SIM card should have enough storage space to accommodate the contacts.

So, here is the process of how to transfer contacts from Android to iOS using your SIM card.

Step 1: Go to Contacts on your Android phone and click on 3 dots menu on the top of your Contact App.

Step 2: Then go to Settings and click on SIM Card Contacts.

Note: If you have a dual SIM card phone, then select the SIM card to which you need to transfer contacts.

 Transfer Contacts Using a SIM Card

Step 3: Then click on three dots menu and tap on Import from Phone.

Step 4: Now you will be asked to choose the contacts which you want to transfer. You can select all contacts or can choose them individually. After that click on Done.

Step 5: After completing the process, remove the SIM card from your Android phone and insert it into your iOS device.

Step 6: Now on your iPhone, go to Settings and click on Contacts.

Step 7: Then click on Import SIM Contacts and wait until completion. That’s it, you contacts are now imported in your new device.

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If you are facing any problem with any of the above mentioned methods, then you can also try many other third party applications using which you can transfer contacts from Android to iOS devices like Copy My Data (Android/iOS) App. But in my opinion, I’ll not recommend you to use these third party apps to transfer data as there is many chances of misuse of your data by these apps.

At last, you can follow any of the methods explained as per your choice to transfer contacts from Android to iOS easily. And if you face any problem or have any query then you can simply leave a comment below or can contact us. Also let me inform in the comment section which method you like the most. And have you ever shifted from Android to any of iOS devices and how’s your experience.

Till then, Stay tuned.

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