Forgot Your Mobile Password or Pattern? Use These Tricks To Unlock Mobile

Use These Tricks To Unlock Mobile: In today’s time, most of us keep password and pattern lock in our mobiles, so that nobody can see or access any of our private chat, photos or videos. Password or pattern lock is also important in order to keep our essential and important documents, accounts, transaction details secure & safe, so that even if our mobile is lost or stolen, our information and data be safe. But many times, it happens that we forget the password or pattern of our phone, after which we have to go round the service centre.

So here we are going to tell you about some of the easiest tricks to unlock mobile phone, so that you will be able to unlock your mobile in a few minutes from home.

Let’s know about these special tricks to unlock any locked mobile phone.

Tricks To Unlock Mobile

Unlock by Hard/Factory Reset

This is one of the easiest methods by which you can unlock your mobile. But for this your mobile phone should be in your hand.

However, if you want to unlock your phone by factory or hard resetting, then you have to sacrifice your data stored in your mobile’s internal storage as it deletes all data including messages, photos, videos, documents, installed apps, etc. But data stored in the memory card or micro-SD card will not be deleted.

how to factory reset

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Steps To Be Followed For Unlocking By Factory Reset

Step 1: Take the Android smartphone you want to unlock first.

Step 2: Then switch off the phone

Step 3: Now wait for at least a minute

Step 4: Now press the volume down button and the power button simultaneously

Step 5: After this, the phone will open in recovery mode, from this click on the factory reset option

Step 6: Click on wipe Cache to clean the data.

Step 7: Wait for 1 minute again and start your Android device

Now your phone will be unlocked and you can again add new passcode as per your requirement.

Tricks To Unlock Mobile

Unlocking Mobile Using Android Device Manager

There is another way through which you can unlock your locked smartphone remotely, i.e., by the help of Android Device Manager.

So, if you forget your mobile’s password or pattern, then for unlocking you have to visit Google’s Android Device Manager website. Thus, ADM is capable of unlocking your smartphone in less time.

ADM also has the feature to remotely track/locate your lost or stolen device and even erase all your data from remote. For this you just have to log in your Google Account.

But for using Android Device Manager for unlocking, locating or erasing data in your device, you have to fulfil certain conditions.

Conditions For Unlocking Mobile Through Android Device Manager

  1. Android Device Manager should be enabled in your device.
  2. GPS/Location must be switched ON in order to track your smartphone
  3. Your device must be connected to Internet or Wi-Fi in order to login into Google Account.
  4. Your device should be running on Android version 4.4 or above for working of Android Device Manager in your phone

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How to Unlock Mobile Using Android Device Manager?

Step 1: First of all, visit “” website

Step 2: Now sign in with the same email which you have provided while login into your Google account in your locked phone.

Step 3: Now select the device you want to unlock and then select “Lock” in the Android Device Manager.

Step 4: After this you have to enter a temporary password and then click on “Lock” again.

Step 5: After successful completion of the above step, a confirmation box with buttons – Ring, Lock, Erase will appear.

Step 6: Here a dialog box will appear asking for a temporary password to unlock your phone.

Step 7: Now visit your mobile phone’s lock screen setting menu and disable the temporary password.

Congrats! You have successfully unlocked your smartphone with the help of Android Device Manager.

How To Enable ADM On Your Phone?

For enabling ADM, your device should be running on Android version 4.4 or above. If this condition fulfils then you have to change some settings on your device which are explained below

Turn ON Location Access: Go to Settings > Location, then enable it. Choose “High” accuracy mode because this is considered to be the best for locating your phone.

Enable Security Settings: Go to Settings > Google > Security and turn on “Find My Device” option.

Activate The Manager: Go to ““. Using Google login details sign in your account and test it, by trying the location feature.

Tricks To Unlock Mobile

Bypass Pattern/Password Lock With Your Mobile

This trick will work only if you have an active internet connection in your locked mobile device. If your data connection is on, you can easily unlock your device.

Step 1: Take your smartphone and draw the wrong pattern/pin lock 5 times in it. Now you will see a notification, which says that try after 30 seconds.

Step 2: Now there will be an option for forget password.

Step 3: Insert your Gmail ID and password into it, which you entered in the locked device. After this your phone will be unlocked

Step 4: Now you can set new pattern/pin lock.

Bypass Pattern Password Lock

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