Want To Protect Your Mobile From Hackers, Then Follow These Tips

Now-a-days personal data and banking details are the most sensitive information which needs to be protected at any cost. Smartphone usage has increased sharply in the present Corona Era and so Hacking cases have also increased rapidly. So most important is to protect your data and information present in your mobile from hackers.

Now the Question arises as to how to protect your Smartphone, Personal Data & Banking Details from Hackers?

Recently, National Security Advisor of India while addressing the Data Privacy and Hacking Conference on behalf of Kerala Police and Society for the Policing of Cyberspace and Information Security Research Association, said that people should be cautious and alert in online financial transactions. This will keep their personal data and money safe.

So if you want to protect your mobile from hackers, then you have to read this article carefully because today we will tell you about some special methods here, through which you will be able to keep your mobile and your personal data safe.

Let’s know about them in detail.

Here we are going to mention 5 most important steps which you must follow if you are a Smartphone user.

1. Messages From Unknown Numbers

You have often noticed that sometimes you receive promotional or reward messages from unknown numbers. Many times hackers and fraudsters send messages from unknown numbers to hack the device.

These messages may contain unsecure links, with the help of which hackers can easily crack the security of your phone and install some kind of malware or virus. Through this virus, hackers can steal all the personal data like contacts, passwords, files, banking details etc available in your phone. So always remember that do not open the link given in any message from unknown number.

Protect Your Mobile From Hackers

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2. No Third Party Apps

Most of the times people download applications and apk files that are not available in google play store or apple app store. Google paly store and App store servers constantly scan their database for any kind of malicious App, fake apps, etc and remove them from their platform if that contains any harmful code or virus.

So if you are downloading any app from third party then there is a great chance that it may contain some viruses or malicious code placed by hackers in that App which can steal your information after installing in your mobile.

Thus if you want to protect your mobile from hackers, then do not download apps from third party except google play store or App store. By doing this your phone and personal data will be safe. So always download mobile apps from Google Play Store and App Store.

3. Use Strong Password

Whenever you create any account online on any platform whether it is social media, financial, business, education etc., then you have create a confidential password for that using which you can easily access your account. But it is usually a bit difficult to remember password of all of your account’s password. So most of the people make similar password for different accounts so that they can remember them easily.

Here they make a very big mistake and by this mistake you may have to face great difficulty. Your account may get hacked or all of your money from bank may get vanish. Because it is very easy to crack and access your account by doing a brute force attack if you are using simple & similar password in all the accounts.

Have a Different Password for Each Account

So always try to choose a strong and complex password consisting of alphabets of uppercase & Lowercase, symbols and numbers.

If you face difficulty in remembering your passwords then you may use password managing applications like Last Pass which are secure.

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4. Stay Up To Date

Almost all tech companies periodically send Smartphone software updates to their users. These include everything from security patches to various security features.

Many times we ignore these small updates by thinking that these updates are of no use and consume our storage space. But you should download these updates because in these updates the company fix all the bugs, security flaws which is very necessary. This helps to keep our  personal data completely secure. At the same time, hackers also do not get a chance to hack the phone because of improved security and protection.


5. Read Permissions Carefully

While installing any application on any mobile or computer you must have noticed that  the application ask you for some access & permission for its smooth functioning. Most of the times to save our valuable time we don’t bother to read the permissions asked and simply we allow all the access and permissions blindly.

In these permissions, the application ask for various types of access of your device like camera, microphone, file manager, contacts, personal information, sms, location, storage etc. Using these access the developer track the user activity and according to these activities they try to improve their app’s performance.


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But if you are downloading any app from untrusted source then you may face difficulty because using these access anyone can track your activity & it can also increases the possibility of phone being hacked as well as personal data leaks.

So while installing any Applications always read carefully the permissions asked and if you are comfortable then only allow it otherwise deny. 

So following the above mentioned steps you can protect your sensitive information from getting leaked and your device of being hacked. Hope these tips will definitely help you to stay safe and secure in this world of internet & protect your mobile from hackers.

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