5 Reasons Why God Of War Ragnarok's Opening Is One Of Gaming's Best

5. Instant Chase Sequence

Freya swore to hunt down Kratos with everything she had until she could kill him after he took Baldur's life to save hers.

4. Fast-Pace

Players can experience the new combat system and features Ragnarok has to offer, and after multiple face-offs with enemies, the first boss fight occurs.

3. Showcase Of Atreus And Kratos' Relationship

The game showcases the evolution of Kratos and Atreus' relationship as father and son

2. Similar Opening To Its Predecessor

God Of War Ragnarok sticks to the motto of not fixing what is not broken and manages to excel ten times more while doing so.

1. Highly Anticipated Fights

Kratos coming up against Thor was one of the most anticipated fights among fans ever since the ending of God Of War's (2018) ending and the announcement of Ragnarok.