God Of War Ragnarok: Every God's Portrayal Ranked Worst To Best

11. Lady Sif

Lady Sif is a wonderful addition to the cast, but unfortunately, she only appears a few times throughout the entire game.

10. Tyr

Tyr may not have been physically present during the critically acclaimed God of War (2018), but his spirit was felt through his notes and prophecies.

09. Freyr

Freyr is a charmingly snarky man, who doesn’t take kindly to Kratos and company stomping their way across Vanaheim.

08. Thrúd

Unlike her mother, Thrud spends a lot more time with the player, mostly in the Atreus sections. 

07. Heimdall

Unlike the MCU’s powerful yet kind Asgardian Heimdall, this version is a complete and utter villain.

06. Mimir

Mimir is the stalwart companion and exposition throughout the game.

05. Odin

The Allfather is every bit the manipulative trickster that he was in mythology, only with a more sinister edge.

04. Atreus/Loki

Atreus has become just as much of the main character as his father was in the first game.

03. Freya

Freya reintroduced as the very first boss that Kratos and Atreus fight, and it’s clear that both of them don’t want to fight back.

02. Thor

In the absence of Baldur, Thor fulfills the role of heavyweight enforcer for the Allfather.

01. Kratos

Kratos, even moreso than in the 2018 game, is a completely different beast from before in Ragnarok.