TikTok Data Privacy Settlement: What Happened? Swipe Left To Know More...

Parent company ByteDance agreed to pay $92 million to settle allegations it harvested personal data without users' consent.

If you and/or your minor child used the TikTok and/or Musical.ly application, You May Be Entitled to a Payment from a Class Action Settlement.

TikTok 'Data Privacy Settlement' payout reportedly begun as users confirm receiving $27.84 or $167.04 from company

Users have begun taking to Twitter to report that they have received an email confirming an amount of $27.84 or $167.04 has been credited to their accounts as part of the TikTok ‘Data Privacy Settlement’.

TikTok has claimed it will no longer collect biometric data, no longer track user location, no longer mine information from the user’s drafted content, and no longer store US citizen’s data outside of the US.

You can’t submit a claim right now as the deadline — March 1, 2022 — has already passed. So if you filled out the claim forum successfully, you should be receiving the settlement payout shortly, if you haven’t yet already.