WhatsApp New Privacy Policy |Your Personal Data Will Be Shared With Third Parties

The messaging app WhatsApp has updated its new terms of service and privacy policy, after which users are worried about their privacy. The company gave two options to the WhatsApp user and said that before 8 February 2021, all users should accept the WhatsApp new privacy policy, otherwise the company will close their WhatsApp account after that. 

The company claims that in the new service, WhatsApp users will get more information about data usage, where and why their personal data was being used. Also, in the new privacy policy, you will get information about working together with WhatsApp and Facebook and mutual use of data.

Here we are going to know what’s there in the WhatsApp new privacy policy and how user’s personal data will be shared to the third party companies. 

Also all your private chats and data will no longer be private if you Accept their new policy.

So don’t skip a single line otherwise you may have to face difficulty.

WhatsApp said, ‘We reported in October 2020 that as part of the business vision of WhatsApp, we are updating our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy to better enable small businesses, because We have created new security rules to help small businesses. As you know, it is normal in the Tech Industry to change the security policy’.

WhatsApp New Privacy Policy

What is WhatsApp New Privacy Policy?

According to the new privacy policy and conditions of WhatsApp, the company will take important information like your device ID, user ID, phone number, email ID, all contacts, mobile transactions, chat history and phone location. It has been said in the new terms that all the information taken from your mobile will be shared with Facebook and Instagram. Facebook owned companies and services can store WhatsApp chat.

There is nothing new in the new privacy policy of WhatsApp. WhatsApp has been sharing users’ data with Facebook and third party apps in the past. But now the company is going to do so with your consent with the rules and regulations. This will save the company from legal stalking. 

The company has made it clear that the time till 8 February 2021, people who do not agree to the new terms, will have to delete their accounts.

Now Users Have The Option Of “Not Now”

Here users will have to accept the new policy to continue their account. Apart from this, users do not have any other option. 

However, the option of ‘not now’ is visible in the notification. Meaning that even if the new policy is not accepted till 8 February, your account will continue to run for the time being. 

Let us tell you that to continue your account, users will have to accept the new policy. There is no way to escape out.

WhatsApp New Privacy Policy

Where The Users Data Will Be Shared?

The data and information of users collected by WhatsApp will be shared among the Facebook owned companies. Facebook companies include companies like Facebook Payments, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Technologies, Onavo and Crowd Tangle.

WhatsApp’s Answer On Privacy Of Users

Regarding the privacy of users, WhatsApp said, ‘It is in our DNA to respect and protect the privacy of users. Ever since we started WhatsApp, we have maintained our services with strong privacy principles.

WhatsApp stated, ‘Our updated terms and privacy policy has given more information about how we process our data and our commitment to privacy. In the new policy, users have been given complete information about the security of their data.

‘Better Communication with Business’

WhatsApp said, ‘Many businesses rely on WhatsApp to communicate with their customers. We work with businesses that use Facebook or third parties to improve communication with you on WhatsApp. As part of the Facebook company, WhatsApp offers experiences and integration of Facebook’s apps and products. ‘

For more information and new policy of WhatsApp you can click here to read in detail the latest updated privacy policy of WhatsApp.

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