Why does the phone battery blasts?

There have been frequent reports of phone battery blasts, but do you know the reason behind this? Here we will tell you about why this happens and how it can be avoided. Let’s know about it.

For the last few months, we keep hearing the news of phone battery blasts. Recently, a similar incident has been reported, in which a smartphone user from Bihar informed about his Xiaomi phone getting blasted. But the smartphone company says that this incident happened because of battery tampering. Along with this, puncture marks have also been found on the mobile’s battery.

Now in this article we are going to discuss why does a mobile phone battery blasts or explodes and what are the that can be taken to to avoid and prevent explosion.

Why do phone battery blasts?

In the past also, we have come across incident of phone exploding or blasting. But now here the question is why do smartphones explode?

Let us inform you that in most of the cases, the explosion is caused by the battery of the mobile phone. In such a situation, you have to take care of whether the health of battery of your phone is good or not.

Let us tell you that nowadays most of the mobile manufacturer companies use lithium-ion batteries in their smartphones, which have positive and negative electrodes in it, which allows it to recharge. When parts of a phone battery break down, it results in an unstable response and often leads to exploding phones.

Thermal runaway chain reaction

There can be many reasons why a phone battery gets damaged, but the most common reason is heat. So if the battery heats up quickly while charging or during heavy usage, then the phone battery might be damaged. This can lead to a chain reaction called thermal runaway. This process causes the battery to get very hot, causing the phone to catch fire.

Apart from this, falling of the phone, exposure to the sun for a long time, malware in the CPU and problems in the charging circuit can also damage the battery. Some incidents may also be due to the old or manufacturing defect of the smartphone. Suppose you have been using a mobile for many years, the internal elements of the battery may wear out and the battery may swell or overheat.

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How to save phone from blast?

Most smartphones warn before such an incident, such as there may be some popping sounds or smell of burning plastic or chemicals, or the device may become overheat. Phone users should also note these warnings and immediately turn off the phone and take it to the service centre.

Along with this, we can take care of some things to prevent incidents of phone explosion, so let’s know about them.

  • Protect your phone from any kind of physical damage.
  • Keep away from sunlight and extreme outdoor temperatures.
  • Periodically check your battery and maintain battery hygiene.
  • Instead of using any other charging cable and charger, use the cable and charger provided by the phone brand.
  • Protect your phone from malware, as it can harm your phone’s battery.

So by following the above steps and precautions, you can check your mobile phone’s battery health and avoid its damage and explosion. Also ensure that don’t charge your mobile phone for a long time and avoid overnight charging.

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